BCU Foundation



BCU Foundation is a growing and dynamic charitable institution which provides a permanent means of sustaining and promoting the vibrant growth and long-term development of the Ukrainian community in Canada.

Since its establishment in 2003, BCU Foundation has supported countless projects in our community and has been instrumental in leading the development and promotion of Ukrainian-Canadian partnerships through its generous financial contributions and volunteer work. The Foundation’s first grant was an inaugural donation of $100,000 for the Ukrainian Canadian Care Centre in Toronto.

Thanks to our generous donors and their invaluable support, BCU Foundation provides over $1M in sponsorship and grant funding annually for a multitude of organizations and activities in Canada and beyond. These include charity fundraisers, scholarships, art projects, youth camps, cultural festivals, scholarly research, genocide awareness projects, and many other community initiatives.

Our charitable institution cooperates with other Canadian foundations – enabling us to support a myriad of worthy endeavors. These grants are financed through BCU Foundation’s Designated and General Funds.

Through the years, BCU Foundation has distributed over $6 million in support of countless projects to a multitude of organizations across Canada.



The Foundation is committed to funding projects and activities that are multi-faceted, that promote the rich Ukrainian cultural identity in Canada, that enhance organizational development , that promote community cohesiveness, that contribute to the historical context of the Ukrainian-Canadian experience, and that foster leadership in our community.

BCU Foundation works in partnership with members of BCU Financial Group and the broader Ukrainian-Canadian community to further our goals of strength and unity.



Sustainable community partnership

Volunteerism and cooperation

Education and public awareness

Visionary leaders and organizations


Our generous donors have entrusted BCU Foundation with their ever-lasting legacy.  We value and honour them for choosing us.  We invite you to learn more about BCU Foundation and how we can best address your needs and aspirations to continue your legacy.


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